With this rulebook, the seller (CML HOME ART) regulates the manner, conditions and procedures for resolving consumer complaints due to the non-conformity of goods via the website and the seller’s obligations and responsibilities regarding the consumer’s rights to file a complaint.

A consumer, in the sense of this rulebook, is any citizen who makes a purchase via the Internet through the website.

The consumer has the right to complain about the purchased product within two years from the date of purchase.

The consumer can file a purchased product complaint in one of the following ways:
• Personally visiting the salesroom: declaring a complaint, submitting a written form or submitting a proof / saved submission form on a permanent record carrier such as (CD),
• By letter, to the address of the Seller (CML HOME ART) at Hadžićeva 112, 18360 Svrljig, with the indication: For the customer service
• By phone, calling 381 018 821 071 or 381 018 823 666
• By e-mail: [email protected].

When submitting a complaint request, the consumer is obliged to:
a. Submit the article together with the proof of purchase – the receipt.
b. Submit a completed complaint form, which can be downloaded from the following link – COMPLAINT FORM
c. In the complaint sheet, it is necessary to state the reason for product complaint and the desired method of resolution.

The merits of the complaint request are determined by the competent commission. The response to the reported complaint will be sent to the consumer in the shortest time possible, which cannot be longer than 8 days. The deadline for resolving complaints cannot be longer than 15 days, or 30 days in case of technical goods / material.

In the case of a well-founded complaint and its acceptance by the seller (CML HOME ART), the consumer has the right of his own choice to:
a. Exchange of the purchased product with a defect for a new product or fixing the defects if possible.
b. Refund of the amount paid according to the attached invoice in the case where fixing the defect product is impossible. The refund to the consumer will be made electronically to the consumer’s current account within 15 days from the day of filing the complaint.

You can download the COMPLAINT FORM HERE.


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