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Cameleon doo fashion - founded back in 1997 has been long engaged in the production / sales of men’s and women’s clothing and underwear for more than two decades. During the decades, thanks to the creative and innovative team of designers and managers, Cameleon brand has established and nurtured a distinctly recognizable line.

In the year 2019, we decided to take one step further. We created our own chrome plating line for our metal furniture with the largest capacity in Serbia and a special metallurgy facility for processing precision steel tubes. With several decades of experience in modeling, cutting, and sewing different types of fabrics, we started the production of modern furniture with high-quality metal constructions, creating a new brand by the name – Cameleon Home Art.

Cameleon Home Art offers comfortable furniture intended for equipping both business and residential spaces. It is easily combined and fits into any interior style, from classic to modern. Our attractive line accompanies every modern living space, giving it a new and unique dimension.

The furniture construction is made of precise steel tubes, which are additionally protected by chrome plating or plasticization in our own manufacturing facilities. Accompanying modern design and high-quality of processed material, we are able to equally follow and compete with the current World trends and market.

Cameleon home art has a modern line of furniture that follows market trends and successfully meets the needs of the customers.

For you, in our own manufacture, we produce comfortable furniture that you will easily fit into any business and residential space. Our handmade special pieces of furniture will satisfy even the most refined taste.

Long-lasting pieces of furniture are made of the highest quality materials in our own production, on high-tech machines.

We are proud to present to you each of our products, of domestic origin, whose timeless design is due to the team of our designers, and the hardworking hands of our craftsmen have implemented each of their ideas into a work created for enjoyment.

Enjoy comfort and quality in your home with CML Home Art furniture. We have prepared furniture of modern design that will make every home look elegant and special.

Let the living room be an oasis of peace where you will spend most of your time on our durable, comfortable, and comfortable sofas. Add style to your home with dining sets consisting of comfortable chairs with an exclusive look and dining tables with a timeless design. Now more than ever, we appreciate the ritual of shared meals with the cheerfulness and tranquility of a sunny corner.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials and adhering to the highest manufacturing standards. Our ultimate mission is a satisfied customer who will gladly return to us again.



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